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In the year of 1956 God gave the late Rev. Mrs. Sylvia Baker and the late Rev. Mrs. Ella Mae Whithorne, a zeal to work and build up the kingdom of God. They started evangelizing around the city of Cleveland. As the Holy Spirit directed, they found a space to rent for the opening of a little mission to be started on East 55th Street. God blessed their zeal and souls were saved in this little mission. Rev. Baker went to her pastor, the late Bishop H. O. Latte and asked his permission to allow Rev. Mary Hughes to work with her and Rev. Whitthorne. Bishop Latte granted them permission to start Faith Tabernacle Church. And so, this church began to blossom and in 1957, the church was dedicated and became a part of the Northwestern District of the UHC of America, Inc.  Elder M. D. Borden and his lovely wife, Mrs. Sylvia Borden who resided in Warren, OH were contacted to come to Faith Tabernacle as pastor and 1st lady. After much prayer and consideration they consented. As the church membership began to grow the need for expansion was so great that they decided to acquire a small building and the property located at 7717 Central Avenue.  The church continued to flourish, and the membership expanded. After a few years, they tore down the small church so that an edifice large enough to accommodate their needs could be erected. This new church was dedicated in the mid 60’s because of the sacrifices made by many loyal members, families and friends.

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